Sector: Aviation

East Airfield Lighting Control Vault

Chicago, Illinois

Globetrotters was the Architect and Engineer of Record for the development of a new $13 million East Vault to support the lighting loads, circuits, and equipment of Runways 9C/27C, Runway 9R/27L Extension, and associated taxiways in O’Hare International Airport’s north airfield.

Globetrotters worked with the City on planning, programming and spatial allocation, site analysis and selection as it related to CDA’s Design and Construction Standards, Airport Operations, the FAA Advisory Circular, and local and state building codes.

Globetrotters developed a Sustainable Design Strategy and provided value engineering to identify areas that would reduce construction costs for the 16,000 SF facility while optimizing the project’s value.

Power requirements for the facility include two independent commercial electrical feeds supported by a one-second transfer switchgear, communications, natural gas, sanitary sewer and storm drainage, potable/ domestic water, and limited fire suppression.

Globetrotters divided the sequence of construction into multiple phases, thus addressing the needs of the operational airfield and supporting the new and migration of existing airfield lighting control systems and airfield lighting circuits.

Site design included geometric design, vertical controls/ grading/ drainage, drainage model, geotechnical program, and utilities.