About Globetrotters®

Globetrotters helps its clients achieve their goals by understanding their needs and offering high quality, sustainable, and value added professional services that are specifically tailored to each project.

About us

Globetrotters is a diverse organization comprised of the highly regarded firms of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation and Globetrotters International, Inc. Based in downtown Chicago, the Globetrotters organization employs over 200 management, professional, and support personnel. Globetrotters provides a full range of functional and sustainable life cycle services from initial planning, design and construction; to commissioning, operation, and maintenance; to recycling, remodeling, and renewal. We reside in a unique niche in our industry, as an independent, mid-sized organization with deep expertise in several markets.

Our culture, our structure and our leadership encourage and attract people who are capable and passionate about leading, building valued relationships, fulfilling their client’s specialized needs, and going above and beyond expectations.

Globetrotters Engineering Corporation

Globetrotters Engineering Corporation is a full service consulting professional design corporation that rigorously pursues and delivers successful projects for our clients in the design and construction industries. Founded in 1974 the firm has grown to an organization of 150+ people based in Chicago, IL, with satellite offices in Milwaukee, WI and Washington, DC. It continues to provide architectural, multi-discipline engineering, planning, facilities and construction management along with consulting services to public and private sector clients in a variety of disciplines and markets throughout the Midwest.

Our projects range from massive, multi-million dollar megaprojects that take years to design and construct, to small development/improvement projects that can take a few days from start to finish. We have the resources and experience to handle extremely large, complex projects beyond the capabilities of smaller firms, but we still deliver the personalized customer service to our clients that the globally focused conglomerates cannot.

Our vision is to be the preeminent team of planners, designers, constructors and managers providing integrated solutions to advanced design technology issues. Our vision is about satisfying our clients’ needs by making them successful and building lifelong relationships one client at a time. This vision is just as relevant today as it was 40+ years ago.

Since 1974, Globetrotters has participated in noteworthy projects including O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 5, Midway International Airport’s Terminal Expansion, the McCormick Place West Expansion, Chicago’s Deep Tunnel project, development projects in Indonesia and the Philippines, and the rehabilitation of dozens of U.S. embassies throughout the world.

Globetrotters International, Inc.

Found in 1997 to support Globetrotters Engineering Corporation’s design capabilities, Globetrotters International specializes in property and facility operation and maintenance, venue and concessions management, project management, information technology, financial services including market analysis and development, and architectural and engineering support.

Globetrotters International has experience managing large, high traffic, government-owned facilities that are open to the public and involve strict security protocols, immediate response, and 24 / 7 services. We are also skilled in developing and implementing custodial and preventative maintenance programs. Globetrotters has a demonstrated history of successful collaboration with agencies ranging from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to local social service organizations.

We provide a full range of services for property development including real estate analysis and acquisition of financing, assessment, master planning, design, and construction management for capital renovations. Globetrotters’ staff possess substantial knowledge of HUD regulations and compliance with low income housing tax credit (LIHTC), Section 8, and Class 9 requirements for affordable housing, and managed a HUD re-finance of nearly 1,000 units in the past few years through the HUD 223F Program.

Globetrotters International’s affiliation with Globetrotters Engineering Corporation enables it to successfully implement energy conservation and sustainability initiatives that are operationally cost effective, which provides added value to clients.

Globetrotters Tech Solutions LLC

Globetrotters Tech Solutions LLC (“GTS”) was founded in 2020. It is an affiliate of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, a full-service architectural engineering company for government infrastructure and government buildings founded in 1974.

GTS is a technology services company. We are focused on cloud services, managed technology services, fiber optics design, local area networks, and technology consulting.

Our capacity and experience, combined with that of our affiliates, affords us the ability to serve our clients with efficient, customer service-oriented services, which we are constantly investing in and optimizing.

We understand the challenges in the delivery of IT services. We understand how to navigate these issues. We understand how to deliver a successful project.

GTS is based in Chicago. The planet has been getting smaller since the advent of the Internet. With recent events in 2020, we have seen that regardless of our location, we are all connected and we are capable of incredible work. We are based in Chicago because of our roots, our network, and the people.