Sustainable Engineering and Design

Because the future of the planet depends on what we build today.

From energy efficiency and water conservation to waste management and greenhouse gas reduction, Globetrotters Engineering plays an important role in designing and engineering projects that will shape the world in which our children and grandchildren will live. 

We build the projects that provide good, clean water and sanitation; expand broadband networks and rehabilitate the schools that allow children to receive a quality education; build and renovate the facilities that connect people with transit options; and work with our clients to create more sustainable and environmentally resilient communities.

As an early participant in and successful graduate of the federal government’s 8(a) program, we are committed to providing an inclusive and equitable work environment for all our employees in which their health and safety are our number one priority. Every member of our staff also understands the connection between the work we do and the future health of our planet. Our LEED-Accredited professionals span our disciplines and bring a diversity of experience and perspectives that provide our clients with a deep knowledge base of best practices in sustainability.

Our methodology promotes in-house, multi-discipline, team-oriented solutions that are environmentally conscious, cost-effective and built to last. 

Highlighted here are just some of the projects we’ve successfully completed.


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