Sector: Healthcare

Life Safety / Fire Systems Compliance for State of Illinois Mental Health Centers


Globetrotters performed on-site building surveys to assess and identify areas of material non-compliance regarding NFPA 101, 2000 Edition, Life Safety Code, which encompasses a wide variety of complementary codes including NFPA 10 (Fire Extinguishers), NFPA 13 (Sprinkler Systems), NFPA 25 (Fire Protection Systems), NFPA 70 (National Electric Code), and NFPA 90 (HVAC). The surveys were conducted at 17 State of Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Centers designated by the Department of Human Services.

The facility assessments encompassed over 7.5 million SF at over 575 buildings. Deficiencies and recommendations were developed along with estimated costs for corrective construction.

The assessment database information was used by the State to formulate budget requests, replacement programs and prioritize annual expenses, as well as to ensure code compliant life safety conditions were met for various state compliance inspections.

More recently, Globetrotters provided on-site assessment and design services for correcting life-safety NFPA code deficiencies at the Madden Mental Health Center for the administration building and twelve (12) pavilions, common areas, patient residence facilities, and treatment areas.

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