Sector: Education

Managing Architect/Engineer for CPS Capital Improvement Program

Chicago, Illinois

Globetrotters provide system-wide managing architect and managing engineer services for the Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) capital renovation plan. Globetrotters developed programmatic objectives, schedule constraints, criteria, special equipment, systems, and preliminary site requirements. Globetrotters assisted CPS in evaluating, selecting, and coordinating the professional services for 150 architectural/engineering firms and Architects of Record (AOR) for each individual project as well as the pool of specialty consultants required for project implementation.

During initial project definition, Globetrotters performed assessments of school conditions by categorizing major components and systems with respect to their priority, and identified useful life and budget estimates.

As a member of the system-wide implementation team, Globetrotters developed all preliminary estimates and project schedules, and identified milestone dates in conjunction with the system-wide construction manager from project initiation through completion. The value of alternative educational designs, materials, building systems, and equipment was placed under cost criteria scrutiny based on the program budget, and appropriate alternatives were incorporated into the project’s design.

Globetrotters assisted CPS staff in preparing and making presentations to principals, local school councils, elected officials, and the Board of Education regarding each project’s scope of work.

During construction, Globetrotters reviewed bulletins developed by the AOR for adherence to the authorized scope of work and program standards of design. Globetrotters prepared monthly status reports indicating the project’s design status, concerns, and accomplishments against the plan.