Sector: Municipal Services

Municipal Code Compliance Building Permit Plan Reviews

Chicago, Illinois

Globetrotters has been performing building permit plan reviews to ensure municipal code compliance since the City of Chicago’s program was outsourced in 2003.

Globetrotters was selected to provide this service based on the firm’s expertise and experience; its  understanding of design, the Code and the importance of consistency in the permit review process; and its depth, capacity and ability to produce on schedule.  A full complement of professional disciplines is provided by Globetrotters to meet the permit review process objectives.

 All of our reviewers are licensed professionals.  We have multiple reviewers that can step in and perform reviews to maintain a schedule or provide additional capacity, which allows us to perform reviews quickly and efficiently.  We use the Bluebeam Revu software to perform Building Code reviews, and have found that it is easy to use and a common collaborative software used by the design and construction industry.

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