Sector: Housing

Perlman and Walchirk Senior Housing Renovation under RAD Program

Evanston, Illinois

Globetrotters provided pre-planning, programming, full architectural and engineering design, wallpaper installing, cost estimating, budgeting, scheduling, and construction administration for the renovation of Perlman and Walchirk Apartment buildings. These two senior residential buildings with 200 units in Evanston, Illinois, were renovated under HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program.

The interior renovation included new kitchens, bathrooms, Energy Star appliances, interior finishes, air conditioning units, fire sprinklers, light fixtures, and new accessible public restrooms. 10 new ADA Units and 10 adaptable units were created in each building.

Building system upgrades included new boilers, circulation pumps and plumbing branch lines, air handling units and exhaust fans, emergency generators and distribution systems, cable TV and satellite systems, and emergency call systems.

Both building sites were redeveloped with new accessible parking areas, entrance canopies, replacement of water service mains, new site and building lighting, and expanded areas for outdoor activities.

The Housing Authority of Cook County’s RAD application was approved as part of HUD’s initial 60,000 unit cap; Globetrotters is among a small number of architectural consultants nationally that has had an opportunity to work in the RAD program at the ground floor.

As a result of this participation, Globetrotters is experienced in the RAD pre-planning and application process, and in assisting agencies in meeting the extensive lender, federal, state and local requirements, as well as RAD green design and energy conservation requirements.

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