Sector: Municipal Services

Willow Road Flood Control

Chicago, Illinois

In response to repetitive flooding of a Willow Road and adjacent residential streets, MWRDGC and Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways initiated a study to alleviate flooding problems in Prospect Heights, IL. The project was one of MWRDGC’s first stormwater Phase II projects focused on local community scale stormwater issues. Willow Road bisects a 15-acre lake and wetland area. The road and adjacent streets periodically flood, cutting off access to homes, impacting emergency services and causing pavement damage. Alternatives considered included road raising, flood storage and culvert improvements.


The project included survey, wetland delineation, water level monitoring, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, soils investigations, utilities, drainage design, environmental site assessment, civil design, cost estimation, ROW assessments, stakeholder coordination and permitting.

Globetrotters prepared a Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design Report and is continuing to work with MWRDGC, Cook County and the community to obtain construction funding and implement the project.